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We believe in a society where technology supports the well- being of loved ones and help them age and live comfortably at home, enriching our global community.
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Empowering Care, Enriching Lives.

SecurMEDIC™ offers solutions that integrate smart devices with remote care services and advanced analytics. Supported by our 24/7 emergency call centers, we provide comprehensive support, from monitoring your environment to tracking health metrics and delivering emergency assistance.
With SecurMEDIC™, loved ones experience an improved quality of life and heightened confidence. Additionally, our SecurNET™ cloud environment and our AirMED™ Portal, our robust analytics platform, enables healthcare providers to effectively monitor vital changes in their patients's health and mobility.

Accessible, Effective, Reduced Costs

Remote Patient Monitoring devices  reduced the risk of hospital readmissions by 76%
94% of patient satisfied  with the quality of care they experienced with  remote patient monitoring
On-call urgent doctor visits  were reduced by 51%
Real-time Data

We provide real-time health data

Live Secured Data

Our AirMED™ portal tracks real-time data from our integrated remote devices. Customers' personal and medical information is kept confidential in our highly secure SecurNET™ cloud environment, adhering to industry best practices in compliance with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.


Our analytics identify patterns in activity, plan engagement, remote assistance, fall management, and hospitalization prediction, enabling proactive care for your members and patients with real-time reporting.

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We make it easy for everyone to use our solutions.

For loved ones and caregivers, we offer products that are ready to use without any complicated setup.

For healthcare providers, we provide comprehensive implementation support to enable you to launch your connected care program seamlessly, without overwhelming your workforce. Our aim is to complement your staff, expanding your capacity so you can dedicate more attention to your care population. We can readily tailor our solution to suit particular environments as required.

 Plug & Play Devices

 Easy to Use

 Cost Effective


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Real-time Data

We support you ever step of the way.

Support and training from our professionals through the entire implementation process every step of the way.
Customize solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Connected Health Devices SmartSAFE™

Advanced remote patient devices that interface with emergency services and AirMED portal

Emergency Call Center

Specialists, trained and ready to respond within seconds at the push of a button, offering vital support services

Real-Time Data

SmartSAFE™ Devices that provides real-time data securely to our SecurNET™ cloud environment and AirMED™ portal

Analytics & Monitoring

Analytics that helps you monitor the health of your patients and leads to improved care outcomes while reducing expenses


Fully customizable solutions, including devices and the AirMED™ portal, tailored to meet your needs


Our solutions can integrate with most external systems, thanks to our advanced workflow and rule engine

Support & Training

Ongoing support through various channels, including manuals, online resources, training sessions, and help desk

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