AirMED™ Portal & Analytics

Introducing SecurNET™ cloud and AirMED™ Portal, our customizable solution for comprehensive web-based access to collected measurements and historic data views, trend graphs, and reports. Our platform, tailored for loved ones and caregivers in care programs, provides invaluable insights into activity, engagement, wandering, and health data, empowering smarter interventions and decision-making. All collected data in our SecurNET™ cloud environment can be propelled through our AirMED™ Web Portal or through your existing portal, if applicable. Thresholds can be set to alert caregivers via SMS (text messages), push, or email when a patient’s reading falls above or below the set norm. Through actionable insights, we enable meaningful interventions to further enhance care quality. Experience the benefits of the AirMED™ Portal, our user-friendly solution, by scheduling a demo today.
AirMED Portal

Real-Time Data

Our state-of-the-art technology seamlessly streams real-time data to our SecurNET™ cloud environment and AirMED™ portal.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Insights

The solution offers detailed insights into loved ones' activity, mobility, engagement, and safety, providing valuable data for informed decision-making.

Enhanced Safety and Security

GPS-enabled smart devices and geofencing provide an additional layer of safety, notifying caregivers when seniors leave or return home, addressing concerns about safety, especially when loved ones are outdoors.

Full customization and Integration

AirMED™ portal offers customized views for all devices, with specific dashboards tailored for care and medical teams, and optionally for patients or residents. Our advanced workflow and rule engine enable seamless integration with most external systems.

Detailed Reporting and Auditing

Detailed reporting on activity, mobility, and engagement empowers healthcare providers with actionable insights, facilitating meaningful interventions and optimizing care delivery.

Integration With Our Solutions

Call4care Solution

SecurMEDIC™ offers a reliable and affordable integrated call bell solution to obtain immediate assistance in the event of an emergency anywhere you are in Canada.
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SmartSAFE™ Devices


Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

SecurMEDIC™ streamlines remote patient care delivery and data management by providing essential medical devices and seamless integration with Electronic Health Records systems.
RPM Devices

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Secured Private Data

Customers' personal and medical information are kept confidential in our highly secure systems according to industry best practices with respect to the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Moreover, data collected remains 100% in Canada to maximize data security. Only relevant data are instantaneously transferred to the AirMED™ portal.

Certified Equipments

Furthermore, our equipments and monitoring centers are certified by Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and MDSAP when applicable, underscoring our commitment to meeting stringent standards.