Call4Care Solution

Ensuring our loved ones and patients remain safe, whether they're at home or on the move, is our first priority. We recognize the pressing need for continuous monitoring to ensure their well-being and provide timely interventions when necessary. With Call4care, we address these concerns by offering a solution that seamlessly integrates into their lives, empowering caregivers and healthcare providers to intervene early, ultimately resulting in improved outcomes and cost savings for everyone involved.

Immediate Assistance

SecurMEDIC™ offers a reliable and affordable integrated call bell solution to obtain immediate assistance in the event of an emergency anywhere you are in Canada.

How it works

Simply by pressing a button or when a fall is detected, patients/end users are connected through a voice call to the dedicated care team. Calls can also by routed to one of our emergency response centers across Canada.

Flexible and Customizable

Our Call4Care solution offers tailored configurations to cater to the unique requirements of various organizations, including elderly residences, healthcare centers, and governmental health agencies. Our suite of smart devices, along with customizable data/call routing and AirMED™ portal dashboards, can be optimized to suit each environment perfectly. Moreover, additional features like geofencing can be implemented and deployed as needed. When applicable, our SecurNET™ cloud environment can be configured to push captured data to third party solutions, like EHRs or web management portals, thus streamlining daily tasks for staff and clinical teams.

Canada-wide 24/7 Monitoring & Assistance

Automatic Fall Detection

SOS Button with 2-way communication

Advanced Location Technology

IPX 6, GPS and Monitors, Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, Activity & O2 Levels

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SecurMEDIC™ offers comprehensive data and analytics on individual health, activity, and mobility, including wandering behavior. This enables informed decision-making and reduces adverse events.
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SmartSAFE™ Devices


Call4Care in the Industry

Hospital at Home Programs

Hospital at Home (HaH) provides hospital-level care to eligible patients in their own homes. Through regular in-home visits and virtual care technologies like Call4Care, patients receive comprehensive medical attention and support, enhancing comfort and convenience while ensuring continuity of care.

Transitional Care Programs

Transitional Care Programs, supports patients who are ready to leave the hospital but may need some additional assistance to do so safely. While in the program, it provides 24-hour support. A team checks on clients regularly and assists in their recovery. Call4Care allows patients to connect directly to their care team if they need help between visits.