Senior's Residences Solution

SecurMEDIC™ solutions adapt seamlessly to the needs of senior living communities, revolutionizing safety and care. By integrating our advanced technologies, residents can easily request assistance. Staff receive alerts promptly through our AirMED™ portal, via Text Message (SMS), emails, or through their existing portal if any, ensuring a quick response. Our monitoring portal provides real-time insights, ensuring optimal safety measures. Overall, we aim to redefine standards, fostering a secure environment for residents and enabling exceptional care.

Real-Enhanced Safety and Security

Our integrated systems, including emergency call systems and geolocalization technologies, ensure residents' safety around the clock. With features like fall detection, geofencing and quick alert notifications, residents can feel secure knowing help is readily available.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our monitoring software provides real-time insights into resident activity and alerts, allowing staff to proactively address potential issues before they escalate. This proactive approach minimizes risks and ensures a proactive response to residents' needs. Monitoring can include device status, battery level, biometric readings (heartbeat, blood pressure, oxygen level, activity/step counter), sos calls, automatic fall detection alerts, geolocalization, etc.

Improved Care Management

SecurMEDIC™ solutions streamline communication and response protocols for staff, leading to faster assistance when residents need it. This efficiency enhances the overall quality of care provided within the residence.

Customized Solutions

Our technologies are adaptable to the unique needs of each residence. Whether it's configuring controlled access for specific areas or tailoring alert systems to individual preferences, SecurMEDIC™ ensures that solutions are personalized to optimize resident safety and comfort.

Value Added for Residents and Residences

Residents can enjoy the benefits of SecurMEDIC™ technologies with flexibility in payment options. While residences can seamlessly integrate these advanced safety solutions into their infrastructure without direct cost, residents also have the option to opt-in for additional features by covering the expenses themselves. This way, residents have the opportunity to personalize their safety and care experience according to their preferences, ensuring peace of mind and tailored support without imposing financial strain on the residence. The SecurMEDIC™ solution also allows residences to increase their revenues and profitability by enhancing their service offerings or even attract new clients.

Cost Effective and Easy to Implement

Our turnkey solution is low-cost, easy to implement, user-friendly, and requires no personnel support. In most cases, implementation of our solution can be completed in less than 15 days. Unlike wall buttons or alarm chains, our state-of-the-art SMART pendants or watches do not require any structural modifications to the building for deployment. Additionally, the coverage extends throughout the residence and even beyond, across Canada.

Peace of Mind

By utilizing SecurMEDIC™ technologies, residents and their families gain peace of mind knowing that advanced safety measures are in place. This confidence in the residence's commitment to safety and care enhances overall resident satisfaction and trust in the community.

Call4care Solution

SecurMEDIC™ offers a reliable and affordable integrated call bell solution to obtain immediate assistance in the event of an emergency anywhere you are in Canada.
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SmartSAFE™ Devices


Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

SecurMEDIC™ streamlines remote patient care delivery and data management by providing essential medical devices and seamless integration with Electronic Health Records systems.
RPM Devices

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Secured Private Data

Customers' personal and medical information are kept confidential in our highly secure systems according to industry best practices with respect to the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Moreover, data collected remains 100% in Canada to maximize data security. Only relevant data are instantaneously transferred to the AirMED™ portal.

Certified Equipments

Furthermore, our equipment and monitoring centers are certified by Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and MDSAP when applicable, underscoring our commitment to meeting stringent standards.