Please visit the following page for current prices : Pricing

Please visit the following page for current prices : Pricing

We only accept payments by credit card. It is not possible to pay through your financial institution.

To update securely, log in to your Customer Space. You can also contact customer service at toll-free number 1-888-990-9963.

Delivery is free across Canada and takes 3 to 7 business days.

There is no installation cost associated with our solutions. Our medical alert system are ready to use uppon reception and only need recharging using the provided power adapter.

No. The entire purchasing process is completed securely and confidentially online or over the phone.

No. You can cancel the service at any time with 30 days' notice.

No. Our system is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there are no hidden fees.

SecurMEDIC™ can be used anywhere in Canada where there is cellular coverage. Our system ensures security and peace of mind 24/7 wherever you are.

To order our system or get additional information, you can either:

  • Call our customer service number 1-888-990-9963
  • Send us a message
  • Or visit and add the product of your choice to your shopping cart

Although the SmartSAFE PLUS™ and SmartSAFE S™ can be submerged up to one meter, it is not recommended to expose them to hot water. This could damage the equipment. The SmartSAFE PRO™ watch is not water resistant and should not be submerged or worn in the shower.

Your equipment is equipped with advanced positioning technology. Thus, when an alarm is triggered, our operators can determine your approximate location and send you help to the right place.

The system is guaranteed. If the breakage results from normal use, we will replace it at no cost.

In order to offer you the most competitive price, we are an online-based company.

When an alarm is triggered, you have 10 seconds to cancel it with a short press of the emergency button. If you do not cancel the alarm in time, no problem. Just tell the operator who answers that it is a false alarm. There are no fees associated with false alarms.